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When 80 Blogs Are Listed, The Sign Will Be Removed

We Are But One World - Tour !!!

Kia Ora (Hello), Slowly, but surely getting there. Okay, for those whose blogs that are currently listed, I need 50 - 100 big ones from you - words, not dollars. Because what's in a name ? It's your blog so send me an email with words best describing your blog. I'll copy and paste your words with your blog. If english is your second language, your words can be in your language or in english or half & half - it's up to you.
Email me - your words.
Footnote: Someone suggested 80 words to keep in with the name of the blog, but it's up to you.

July 07 Listing.

May 07 Listings
South Korea

March 07 Listings

Cayman Islands (4th)
Israel (4th)
Bulgaria (4th)

January 07 Listings
Kenya (Jan.29th)
Ugunda (Jan.29th)

Kuwait (New Listing)
United Arab Emirates

USA - GOLDSPOT: The Number One Blogspot Blogger In The World

Alaska - Dave's Pics

Anguilla - Anguilla Review Listed July 1st 07. Anguillians blogging on issues that affect Anguilla and the global community. Blogging for change and changing the culture of silence on air and online. It is hope that this will foster more blogs online and unmask the faces of concerned honest civic conscious informed citizens. Posts may be written under the generic Crew name and contributors maybe ghost writers or real. Posts are updated once a month or as breaking news and concerns dictate. The Anguilla Review -Forum that deliberates not exaggerate the issues.

Argentina - Like Grandma Hello and welcome! I want to share with you my hobby. I learned knitting and crocheting when I was a child from the most wonderful person I´ve ever knew, my Grandma, my mom´s mother. I used to spend hours and hours with her. I miss her so much. With this blog I want to show my praise, thank and love to her, hoping I can meet other knitters/crocheters and exchange patterns, projects and ideas as I did with Grandma!"

Austria -

Australia - Herons Nest
Australia - Holtie's House

Bahamas -
Bangladesh -

Belgium -
1 blog in mind

Brazil -
Leia Este Blog

Bulgaria - My Kitchen

Cambodia - A Bras Grands Ouverts

Cayman Islands - First Time Listed 4th March

China - Shanghai päiväkirja Listed 21st Dec.

Chile -
manos, hilos, aguias y lanas

Colombia - OIMC

Dominican Republic - Lumia

Egypt - Pending

Falkland Islands - Deslelrespto

Finland -

French Polynesia - Les Photos de Tiare

France - Cergipontin

Germany - Neos-Welt

Ghana - Accra by Day & Night

Greece - Athens Daily Photo

Hawaii - Planet Kaua`i

Hong Kong -
Alaqa (Eastern Unorthdox)

Hungary - Efzeblog

India - Praveen!! Independent Man Of God!! lol!!
India - Extreme Zone

Indonesia - Tsunami, Indonesia and Forrest Listed 6th January 07

Israel My Mum's Recipes And More Listed 3rd March 07

Italy- Suz In Rome

International - I may be a little bit krazy (a teeny weeny bit) but I aren't silly enough to even attempt to list this blog under one country - it is truly international !!!

Adventures In Internationl Missions

Israel - Desert Peace

Japan - Vernicious Knids

Kenya- Simply Klara Listed 29th January

Korea -
A Photo Album About Korea

Kuwait - Land Of The Free Listed 23rd December

Latvia - Janis Kirpitis Listed 3rd January

Lebanon - Toot Toot la Beirut

Liberia -
Liberia Journal

Malaysia - Bittersweet Memories
Malaysia - Ada Ada Saja

Malta - Dwar Malta

Mexico - Mexico Lindo Y Querido

Micronesia - A Taste Of The Island Listed 24th Dec.

Nairobi -
Simply Klara

New Zealand

Netherlands Koos Fernhout

Norway - Kiyashko's XPs

Oman -

Palestinian Territory / Gaza Strip - From Gaza, With Love

Peru - !!!...Cronicas...!!!

Philippines -
Crochet & Other Stuff

Portugal -
Nas Rodas Do Tempo

Russia Federation -
Sharp Mum Photos

Saudi Arabia -

Singapore - Starry Nights

Slovakia - Vitajte na stranke Listed 26th Dec.

South Africa -

South Korea - Where In The World ? Listed 5th May

Spain -

Sri Lanka - I have 1 blog in mind

Share My Life in Taiwan

Tanzania - Iemkje In Tanzania Listed 26th Dec.

- 'Enjoying the Journey....'

Turkey - Ekincan

Uganda Free Speech Free World Listed 29th January Am a quite human who is purely more concerned of what is happening around others than himself. I take life so seriously and mourn for everday that passes. I know i cannot rewind days.This world though cannot go forward without a free press and if it does so, i can call that a rare miracle.So my blog is free from censorship and its why i emphasis, free speech free world.

United Arab Emirates - Excess Baggage Listed 3rd December

United States of America - Home's Jewel's
United States Of America - Liquid Plastic

Vietnam - Vietnamese God

Wales - Weird Bunny

West Indies - Caribbean Medical School
Zambia -


It's Not The Memories I Have, It's The Memories I Leave Behind

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